Oregon Birders Online (OBOL)

OBOL is an Oregon-based listervice for reporting about birds. All are welcome to join and participate in sightings and discussions.

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BOO Alternative Listservice

Birds of Oregon (BOO). For folks who wish to talk about anything related to birds or birding, but with no political limitations, we maintain a second listserv, Birds of Oregon (BOO). Controversial subjects are okay, but the one hard-and-fast guideline is: be respectful of others. To join, go here: www.freelists.org/list/boo

OBOL Guidelines

OBOL and other birding lists in Oregon have operated for many years with a minimal level of moderation and formal rules, depending for the most part on a common understanding of civility and a shared focus on birding.

Mechanics of posting:

Set your email to plain text (not HTML, MIME, etc.)

YAHOO AND AOL USERS: Always include your email address with your signature. Yahoo and AOL email addresses are automatically scrubbed in the FROM line, so people won't be able to reply to you unless you add your address to the body of your post.

Always sign your posting and include your location.

Do not hit the "Reply" button if you are looking at the daily Digest. That sends the whole digest back to OBOL, along with your message.

Indicate the content in the subject line.

Do not use the 4 letter (banding) codes for bird names; spell them out (at least the first time you use them in each posting).

Give directions to notable birds. However, if the bird is a rarity and is on private property, do not give directions or location unless you are 100% certain the homeowner would be okay with many visitors.

Content guidelines:

You may attach ONE photo to your post. Keep this photo under 1 megabyte. If you wish to send more than one photo, please email these photos to the moderator, who will post them at our OBOL photo site.

Postings should primarily be related to occurrences of wild birds in Oregon, their identification, distribution, and natural history, and birding experiences in the field in Oregon (or nearby parts of adjoining states).

Experiences from elsewhere are sometimes relevant to discussion of Oregon birds, but normally it is best to post those to forums for the regions where you saw the birds.

An occasional posting about birding-related commercial offerings, such as tours, books, or binoculars for sale is OK ("occasional" is generally understood to be no more than once per month).

Certain topics such as starling/house sparrow control, cats, guns, and religion should be avoided.

Refrain from political postings. Discussions of issues directly affecting bird habitat should be kept as nonpartisan as possible.

Posting etiquette

Keep in mind that OBOL is a community space, not anyone's personal blog.

Be nice. Avoid personal attacks. Remember that wry or sarcastic humor is easily misunderstood in e-mail forums where many participants have never met each other face to face.

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