Oregon Christmas Bird Counts 2017-2018

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Information compiled by Don Albright donalbright@frontier.com.

Thursday, Dec 14

Upper Nestucca
Contact Don Albright at (503) 474-7959 or donalbright@frontier.com

Friday, Dec 15

Meet at 7:00 AM at McDonalds in Burns. Please contact the compiler in advance. Lodging for out-of-town birders available at the compiler's home. Compiler: Rick Vetter, (541) 573-5601 (home) or (541) 589-2230 (cell), or cotingas@gmail.com.

Saturday, Dec 16

Baker County - Salisbury
Compiler: Bruce Raffety, email bbraf820@yahoo.com.
The count will commence Saturday morning and last through the day. At the end of the day, we’ll meet at Arby’s Pizza in Florence for food and the countdown. If you are interested, contact both Ellen Cantor at ellencantor@gmail.com and Vjera Thompson at nemesisquail@gmail.com. Please address your email to both of us in case one of us is unavailable.
Grants Pass
Compiler: Margaret James, mcddjames@yahoo.com.
John Day
Compiler: Tom Winters, (541) 542-2006 (home) or (541) 620-2922 (cell), or email ducksouptom@centurytel.net. Meet no later than 7:00 AM (earlier if you want breakfast), Outpost Restaurant, 201 W. Main St.
Compiler: Bob Hunter, (541) 826-5569 (home) or (541) 778-3310 (cell), or email bobhunter@embarqmail.com.
Compiler: Mark Hamm, (541) 580-3081, or email mark@markhammdmd.com.
Compiler: Tim Johnson, (503) 363-8435 or email tim.the.fisherman@gmail.com.
Tillamook Bay
Compiler: Owen Schmidt, (503) 789-4854, or email oschmidt@att.net. Meet at 6:30 AM at Denny's restaurant, 2230 Main Ave. No. (Hwy 101), Tillamook.
Walla Walla, WA
(This count includes a portion of Umatilla County, OR.) Compiler: MerryLynn Denny, email m.denny@charter.net

Sunday, Dec 17

Columbia Estuary
Compiler: Mike Patterson (503) 325-1365 or email celata@pacifier.com. Meet at 7:00 AM at Pig-n-Pancake restaurant in Astoria.
Klamath Falls
Compiler: Kevin Spencer, (541) 880-8015 or email rriparia@charter.net.
Lincoln City
Meet at 6:30am at Pig 'N Pancake restaurant. Email Dawn Villaescusa in advance at d_villa@mail.com
(This count includes The Dalles, Rowena, and Mosier OR.) Compiler: Bob Hansen (503) 881-5889 or email bobhansen@peak.org.
Port Orford
Tim Rodenkirk at (541) 269-4696 or email timrodenkirk@gmail.com.
Compiler: Teresa Wicks, (541) 450-7560 or email teresa.wicks@oregonstate.edu.
Tualatin River NWR
Compiler: Curt Mykut, richard_mykut@fws.gov
Wallowa County
Andy Lueders at (541) 263-1188 or email andielue@gmail.com, or Mike Hansen at mike.hansen@state.or.us. Meet at 7:00 AM (6:00 AM if you want breakfast) at Red Rooster Cafe, 309 W. Main St., Enterprise.

Monday, Dec 18

Joel Geier at (541) 745-5821, or email joel.geier@peak.org. Post-count gathering at Thomas Condon Visitor Center, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.
P Ranch - Malheur NWR
Compiler: Rick Vetter, (541) 573-5601 (home) or (541) 589-2230 (cell), or email cotingas@gmail.com. Meet at 7:30 AM at P Ranch on the refuge. Lodging for out-of-town birders available at P Ranch the night before the count, and at the compiler's home the night after the count.

Tuesday, Dec 19

Compiler: Marcia F. Cutler, (541) 752-4313, or email marciafcutler@comcast.net.
Summer Lake
Compiler: Marty St. Louis, (541) 943-3152 (office) or (541) 219-0921 (cell) or email martin.j.stlouis. Meet at 7:30 AM at Summer Lake WA Headquarters.

Wed, Dec 20

Hart Mountain
Compiler: Laurel Kullerud, (541) 947-2731 or email laurel_kullerud@fws.gov. Free lodging for count participants avaialble at Refuge Headquarters.
Compiler: Mike Golden, gardenbug99@bendbroadband.com; and Sherrie Pierce at (541) 548-4641, email sapierce@bendbroadband.com.

Friday, Dec 22

Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, NV
Compiler: Joel Geier, (541) 745-5821 or email joel.geier@peak.org. Free lodging for count participants available at Refuge Headquarters.

Saturday, Dec 23

Forest Grove
Compiler: Stefan Schlick, greenfant@hotmail.com.

Tuesday, Dec 26

Compiler: Barbara Combs, (541) 689-6660, or email bcombs232@gmail.com. Meet at 7:00 AM at Pioneer Villa restaurant (Brownsville exit off Interstate 5).
Pine Valley
(Halfway and Richland). Compiler: Margaret Durner, (541) 742-4375 or email mdurner@pinetel.com

Wednesday, Dec 27

Compiler: Caleb Centanni, (503) 385-6523,or email caleb@centanni.com.
Compiler: Matt Hunter, (541) 670-1984 or email matthewghunter@gmail.com.
Tygh Valley
Compiler: Joe Blowers, josephblowers@ymail.com; or Jeff Hayes (503) 933-6294, email balgryph@gmail.com.

Thursday, Dec 28

Compiler: Joel Geier, (541) 745-5821 or email joel.geier@peak.org.

Friday, Dec 29

Compiler: Pete Weigel, (206) 819-3821 or (541) 489-32380, or email peteweigel62@gmail.com. Meet at compiler's house, corner of Maupin & College Sts. in Antelope. Contact the compiler in advance if possible.
Sauvie Island
Oregon side contact: Karen Bachman at (971) 207-7754 or email pppahooie@comcast.net. Washington side contact: Susan Setterberg at (360) 980-0884 or email smsetterberg@yahoo.com.
Compiler: Roger Freeman, carrotguy55@gmail.com.
Wahkiakum (WA)
(Includes Knappa and Brownsmead, OR). Compiler: Andrew Emlen, (360) 795-8009, or email aemlen@centurytel.net.

Saturday, Dec 30

Compiler: Emmalisa Whalley, (503) 312-9518.
Baker County - Baker Valley
Compiler: Bruce Raffety, email bbraf820@yahoo.com.
Compiler: Tom Crabtree, (541) 388-2462 or email tc@empnet.com.
Coquille Valley
Compiler: Harvey Schubothe, (541) 297-2342 or email ninerharv2@msn.com.
Cottage Grove
Compiler: Grace Fowler, (817) 975-4936 or email gracelovesbirds1@gmail.com.
Compiler: Joe Liebezeit, (503) 329-6026 or email jliebezeit@audubonportland.org, or Candace Larson at candacelarson.audubon@gmail.com.
Umatilla County
Compiler: George Ruby, gtinrby@gmail.com.
(Culver, Lake Billy Chinook, Haystack Reservoir). Pete Weigel at (206) 819-3821 or (541) 489-3280, or email peteweigel62@gmail.com.
Yaquina Bay
Compiler: Dawn Harris, (541) 961-1307 or email oregoncoastbirding@gmail.com. Post-count gathering at USFWS Office, 2127 SE Marine Science Drive, Newport.

Sunday, Dec 31

Compiler: Paul Adamus, (541) 745-7092 or email adamus7@comcast.net; and Joel Geier (541) 745-5821, email joel.geier@peak.org.
Compiler: Dick Lamster at (541) 343-8664 or email maeveanddick@q.com.
Compiler: Charles Gates at (541) 280-4957 or email cgates326@gmail.com.

Monday, Jan 1

Compiler: Bob Reistroffer, (360) 636-5125 or email breistrof@aol.com.
Tule Lake (CA)
(Includes Merrill, OR, and vicinity). Compiler: Kevin Spencer, (541) 880-8015, or email rriparia@charter.net.

Wednesday, Jan 3

Compiler: Mike Golden, gardenbug99@bendbroadband.com, or Sherrie Pierce at (541) 548-4641 or email sapierce@bendbroadband.com.
Yamhill Valley
(McMinnville, Amity, Sheridan) Compiler: Paul Sullivan, (503) 472-5306 (home) or (971) 237-4864 (cell); email paultsullivan@onlinenw.com.

Airlie-Albany - Sun, Dec 31
Antelope - Fri, Dec 29
Antone - Mon, Dec 18
Ashland - Sat, Dec 30
Bend - Sat, Dec 30
Brownsville - Tues, Dec 26
Burns-Hines - Fri, Dec 15
Columbia Estuary - Sun, Dec 17
Coquille Valley - Sat, Dec 30
Corvallis - Tues, Dec 19
Cottage Grove - Sat, Dec 30
Cowlitz-Columbia - Mon, Jan 1
Dallas - Wed, Dec 27
Eugene - Sun, Dec 31
Florence - Sat, Dec 16
Forest Grove - Sat, Dec 23
Grants Pass - Sat, Dec 16
Hart Mountain - Wed, Dec 20
John Day - Sat, Dec 16
Klamath Falls - Sun, Dec 17
Lincoln City - Sun, Dec 17
Lyle WA - Sun, Dec 17
Madras - Wed, Dec 20
Medford - Sat, Dec 16
Oakridge - Thurs, Dec 28
P Ranch - Malheur NWR - Mon, Dec 18
Pine Valley (Halfway and Richland) - Tues, Dec 26
Port Orford - Sun, Dec 17
Portland - Sat, Dec 30
Prineville - Sun, Dec 31
Redmond - Wed, Jan 3
Roseburg-Sutherlin - Sat, Dec 16
Salem - Sat, Dec 16
Sauvie Island - Fri, Dec 29
Sheldon NWR, NV - Fri, Dec 22
Silverton - Fri, Dec 29
Sisters - Sun, Dec 17
Summer Lake - Tues, Dec 19
Tillamook Bay - Sat, Dec 16
Tualatin River NWR - Sun, Dec 17
Tule Lake, CA - Mon, Jan 1
Tygh Valley - Wed, Dec 27
Umatilla County - Sat, Dec 30
Upper Nestucca - Thurs, Dec 14
Utopia (Culver area) - Sat, Dec 30
Wahkiakum WA - Fri, Dec 29
Walla Walla WA - Sat, Dec 16
Wallowa County - Sun, Dec 17
Yamhill Valley - Wed, Jan 3
Yaquina Bay - Sat, Dec 30