February Photo Contest Winner

Bald Eagle and Green-winged Teal. Ankeny NWR. February 3.
Photographer: Jim Leonard

Among the Sea Birds of the
Oregon Coast

by William L. Finley

About forty miles south of the mouth of the Columbia River and two miles out from the entrance of Netarts Bay are three large rocks. These are the homes of countless numbers of sea-birds, and as the bird life there had never been disturbed to any extent, we determined, if possible, to make a tirp to the rocks and ascertain what species were breeding ...

When we reached the top-most point of Shag Rock, an interesting sight presented itself; looking down the rocky slope up which we had come, we counted hundreds of nests of Brandt cormorant scattered over the entire length every few feet apart.

To the north was a large slope of about 150 yards covered with a rich growth of yellow-flowered weeds, among which many gulls had placed their nests. The whole distance was perforated with the burrows of petrels and puffins.

The south side was a sheer precipice and hudnreds of feet below the waves dashed against the granite foundation. But their sound was lost in the ceaseless cries of great numbers of sea-fowl that we had aroused by our presence. They crowded about in the air, circling over and darting past our heads, watching every move we made. It gave us a weird feeling and we felt like getting out of the disputed territory.

The Condor, May-June 1902.

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